Day 310 – caves

On a lazy Sunday a few friends and I decided to take a drive to the Akiyoshidai Caves. The caves picturesque entrance is its postcard image, its crowd pleaser, its pin up girl and the photography hot spot. These are a few of the better ones I took, one in colour and the other black and white. I’m not sure which I prefer, so I thought I would put it up for a vote.

Please click on any of the images to see a a full size version.



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12 Responses to Day 310 – caves

  1. I am J says:

    I usually prefer color yet the black and white photo creates an ethereal atmosphere that I love. Great photos on your blog. I’m glad I discovered it.

    • winegums says:

      Thank you! I used to love everything in black & white, but I am wavering towards colour more recently. I notice the name of your blog, are you going to try a 365 project too?

      • I am J says:

        Yes, I am making an attempt at a 365 project with my new camera – if my blog content wouldn’t keep disappearing! My first venture with WordPress isn’t working too well so far. I love your blog, however, and have many days’ past posts to catch up on – and, hopefully, many more to come!

        • winegums says:

          I will look forward to seeing a couple :) What camera have you just got?

          • I am J says:

            It’s nothing fancy, but just right for a total novice. It’s a Samsung Smart Camera, 21x zoom, with Wi-Fi capability. It will have to do until I can afford a Canon with all the bells and whistles. Hopefully, the content on my blog won’t disappear again! Happy travels!

            • winegums says:

              That’s annoying they keep disappearing! Let me know when its all back up :)

              • I am J says:

                All is well and Tech Support resolved the problems so I’m up and posting again. I’d love to have you come “visit” and see what a Colorado sunset looks like. It was 60 degrees yesterday and sunny. Today, it’s 20 degrees with SNOW – and I love it. ;)

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and this photos are so amazing that now I want to go there more than ever.

    • winegums says:

      Thank you! I am glad that my photos make you want to go :) It is an amazing place to see as a tourist! Such a unique culture and so many cool things to see!

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