Please vote for me – the kerala blog express

My blog has just recently cleared the qualifying stage to take a ride on the Kerala Blog Express

The Blog Express is a nifty competition set up by the board of tourism in Kerala. It gives qualifying participants the chance to win a two week adventure through India’s majestic and colourful South. To participate, you just need a travel blog – it could be food related; travel journalism; documentary based; photography; where to buy your socks whilst in Istanbul – anything.

Once your blog is accepted it’s down to a vote – the top 25 participants at the close taking poll position for a converted ticket on the bus. So it’s down to tweets, likes, blogs and emails to try and rustle up a few votes. If you have a spare few seconds please click on the monkey below and send a vote my way. I would really appreciate it!


Additionally – get on the Blog express yourself! Take a look here.

About winegums

Travelling and taking photos.
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7 Responses to Please vote for me – the kerala blog express

  1. lula avila says:

    Voted! Best of luck James :)

  2. You’d have my vote but I am no longer on FB.. Good luck!!

  3. wahmcat says:

    Voted! :) Good luck!

  4. Je vote oui bien sur y hasta la victoria …!!!

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