Day 323 – temple smoke

I took this photo on a weekend trip to Fukuoka City (on Kyushu island). I like the way the smoke mingles with the tiers of the pagoda, adding intrigue to the already contrasting red and greens.


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9 Responses to Day 323 – temple smoke

  1. febryfawzi says:

    woow this is very cool.

  2. It is intriguing , but where is the smoke coming from? Is it part of a celebration at the temple?

  3. Wonderful photo. Just read in a magazine that this is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. What did you think of Fukuoka?

    • winegums says:

      Thanks! Fukuoaka is a pretty cool city. It is the nearest one to me by Shinkansen so I have been there a few times. I can see why it would be counted as a very liveable city – it has everything you need in terms of entertainment (including amazing ramen) and the climate is great (nice and mild winters compared to a lot of Japan).

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