Day 324 – cant see the mist for the trees

Yamaguchi prefecture (my Japanese home) is one of the most rural in Japan. Getting from one place to another means traversing sweeping mountain vistas, a mist laden hill-side on one side and enchanting country-side on the other. Roads wander blindly through dense forest; snake dramatic mountain passes; meander quaint rice paddies; endlessly wind along dramatic costal passes. Taking a drive is more than getting from a to b, it is an adventure. An adventure that offers the opportunity to take some cool photos along the way.

Please click on any of the images to see a a full size version.



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Travelling and taking photos.
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11 Responses to Day 324 – cant see the mist for the trees

  1. provenfree says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the pictures and everything you are posting. Makes me feel like i am there, also great inspiration for art!

    • winegums says:

      Thank you! Thats amazing that some of my pictures are helping you with some inspiration. I can’t think of a better reason to spur me on and finish the project :)

  2. Cos says:

    Wow! Beautiful, mystic photos!

  3. Love the way the sunlight beams bathe the forest. Yamaguchi prefecture looks like a stunning place to hike around.

    • winegums says:

      Thanks! It really is a beautiful place to hike around. Living there, you start to tune out how beautiful things are – beautiful sights like this serve as brilliant reminders though :)

  4. chrysopale says:

    Absolutely georgous..

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