Day 328 – hanami

In Japanese they have a saying at this time of year, it roughly translates to ‘three days cold, four days warm’, beckoning in the spring after a long cold winter. Spring is a perfect time in Japan, mostly due to the cherry blossom bloom – bustling cities, sleepy villages, pretty parks and peaceful temples are transformed into other worldly dreamscapes, sprinkled with a layer of fluffy pink petals. Friends and family descend on the local parks for hanami, picnicking beneath the cherry trees with a plentiful supply of sake.

I took these photos at a hanami with some friends of mine.

Please click on any of the images to see a a full size version.




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11 Responses to Day 328 – hanami

  1. thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us i would dearly love to visit japan, i adore the cherry blossom tree and tried to plant one in my garden i don’t think it has survived though, thank you again i loved seeing these gorgeous pictures, i hope you have a wonderful day x

    • winegums says:

      Thanks! Definitely go to Japan if you get the chance, it is an amazing place to be a tourist :) Spring and Autumn are the best times, the winter is a tad to cold and the summer a tad too warm :) Have a great day! Also I like your blog’s name – my childhood pet cat was called Kizzie :)

  2. seikaiha says:

    Reblogged this on seikaiha’s blah-blah-blah and commented:
    kind of sad, but so beautiful.

  3. So beautiful. I love it when the blossoms are falling, fluttering like butterflies down from the trees and then making this stunning dusky pink carpet below. Great pics. So jealous!

  4. Wow! It really does look like snow!!

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