Day 334 – a japanese scene

Japan in a magical place during the cherry blossom bloom. Luckily for me, the magic extends to the enchanting castle grounds in my home town (Hagi). I have featured a similar photo before, but couldn’t resist posting a few more…




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Travelling and taking photos.
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6 Responses to Day 334 – a japanese scene

  1. I’ve never been to Japan but would love to and I love its landscape. Through your pictures I feel happy to see places that I can only visit in my dreams (I dream while I’m awake). Your pictures are beautiful. Can we swap lives for some days?

  2. And did I say how much I like the cherry blossom? Thanks for the pictures.

  3. winegums says:

    I am glad you like my pictures :) This is actually one of the favourite scenes I have captured – it is so quintessentially Japanese, in a postcard soft of a way :)

  4. Love your pictures of the blooming cherry blossom :) really beautiful!
    I definitly have to go to a… what is the word… I think “Hanami”?
    It’s definitly a point at my list ;)

  5. provenfree says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. joshmc says:

    gorgeous photos! :)

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